About Us

Our creations carry handcrafted, bespoke elements that lie at the crossroad of vintage inspiration and contemporary cool – all at accessible price points.

The Brand

We want the romance of your big day to be seen in the most important dress of your life, and our attention to detail and intricacy carry that promise. You will also find that in the poetic geometry and graceful symmetry of our artworks as also a palette that champions pastels – elements we are personally obsessed with. The modern bride we create for respects classic tailoring and fit. She expects unparalleled detailing  in the workmanship, and nothing less than the best when it comes to quality. But at the end of the day, what we direct all our energies towards is simply making sure that what you wear on the day that means so much to you, is an absolute beauty you will love forever.

Playful ruffles, trailing cape sleeves, feather trims and more bring a contemporary touch to her offering of occasion wear. And it’s not just the bride that can find a special outfit at Disha Patil’s, bridesmaids, sisters of the bride, close family and friends can find favour in her work.

We are now a team of 100 Karigars!

At Disha Patil, we believe that luxury should be a whisper and not a shout. We design for the modern Indian bride who appreciates this kind of quiet glamour – the one who knows that timeless luxury is where quality, craftsmanship and culture lovingly co-exist.

Finding beauty in symmetry is not just a matter of enhancing her design language but also how she sees the world.

Meet the Designer

The person behind the brand, Disha Patil, has had a fervent love for art and design since as long as she can remember. She sealed this inherent interest with technical knowledge through a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) from the prestigious JJ School of Arts. On her journey towards running her own successful fashion label, she made veritable pitstops as a graphic designer and brand development mentor.

There is nothing that gives her more satisfaction than a happy bride who realises that her big-day dress is simply a fabulous extension of herself.

Craftsmanship is at the core of Disha’s work. The designer has been making a conscious effort to incorporate the use of natural fibres and upcycled materials in her collections. Drawing from elegance of the yesteryear and playing up with contemporary elements, she spins a poetic tale with her creations.

Disha Patil’s love for fine things translates into her couture by way of nuanced detailing, luxurious but light fabrics and modern cuts. Disha designs for the modern Indian bride who appreciates quiet glamour. As times change, we evolve into beings that appreciate a minimalistic approach to our aesthetic.

Geometry comes alive in her work by way of the patterns that cover silhouettes. Finding beauty in symmetry is not just a matter of enhancing her design language but also how she sees the world.

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